Frequent Card Queries

OneVanilla Gift Card will make your payment much easier. As this a specific gift card, it can be easily used for making payments at authorized stores. If you are preferring gift cards for offline & online payments, here are some answers to several queries raised related to the usage.

What is the OneVanilla for?

You can use the card to make acquisitions by phone or even by mail. This card can be utilized at locations in the United States and the District of Columbia for making purchase payments.

How to reload the OneVanilla card with a pin?

You can bring funds to an authorized retail store. Next, buy a valid PIN code that can be found in the prepaid cards display section. Go to the cashier for further assistance.

How to use the OneVanilla card?

To pay with a One Vanilla card, first, make sure you have enough funds in the account. Next, you must have activated your online account. While purchasing, you can even buy coupons and vouchers for further acquisitions.

What is the gift certificate?

The eGift Card works like normal gift cards. Nonetheless, a digital card with a code will be emailed to the beneficiary. A copy of the electronic gift card will be presented to the buyer as proof of sending an email.

How to recharge the OneVanilla Gift Card?

Recharge the OneVanilla card offline at the store or use the online account alternative utilizing the secure PIN given at the back of the card. You can even do it by calling 1-877-429-8140.

Is there a vanilla refill card?

Vanilla Reload is there to do a quick and easy money-adding alternative to gift cards and their registered online accounts. You can request money from your computer, tablet, or mobile phone as per your preference and device compatibility for the OneVanilla Login.