Gift Card Specs

A one-time acquisition fee of $ 2.88 (including latency, service, or other charges) is accredited for every OneVanilla gift card. There are no post-purchase charges for this gift card.

Gift cards are valid until the card’s expiration date displayed on the gift card cover or until the value of the gift card reaches zero value unless prohibited by any actions, by the law, or changed.

You must know that Gift certificates do not expire. Call 800-680-5938 or visit for a free replacement OneVanilla gift card if you have assets left before the card date perishes.

OneVanilla Gift cards can only be preferred in the United States of America, not to residents of Vermont or the US Virgin Islands. $ 25 gift cards are not accessible to Hawaii residents.

Special Instructions For Daily Usage

Please inquire about the OneVanilla gift card balance before acquiring, as there are several merchants who cannot determine the gift card balance.

Some merchants do not permit cardholders to conduct installment of even full payment transactions, in which they would utilize the gift card as a biased payment for goods or services, and then settle the balance with distinctive payment methods.

If you are opting for a distinct transaction and the merchant allows it, request them to load the gift card specific to the exact amount of funds accessible on the gift card. You will then not have to arrange for any extra amount.

While preferring shopping with the OneVanilla Gift Card, you must first register and sign in to the portal with the login credentials to activate the card completely. You can also prefer designating a unique pin to your gift card online account.

Although a PIN code is not required to utilize the card services, you can add a PIN code specifically for all future PIN code payment transactions.