Official Consent

If you believe OneVanilla Card gets lost, stolen, or an unauthorized transaction was made utilizing the card data without permission, please reach out to 1-877-770-6408.

OneVanilla, P.O. Box 826, Fortson, GA 31808. Reaching out to OneVanilla customer service is the best way to stay updated with the online account and the offered services.

The officials may ask for the card number and other identifying data from any respective cardholder for verification purposes. This is especially for security reasons.

You can’t get help from the customer service department if you don’t have the card number. You must contact us within sixty (60) days from the date you electronically accessed your account, the transaction was reflected, or on the same date that the transfer did not occur.

The right reserved by the service provider to investigate any claim you may make concerning a lost or stolen card or an illegal transaction, and you agree to cooperate with such studies. There may I request a written statement, affidavit, or other data to support the relevant claim.

In any event of actual or suspected unlawful usage, we will cancel the card and issue a replacement card if credit is still accessible on the card. It can take up to thirty days for a new card to be concocted based on the requests.

You must acknowledge all the acquisitions made with OneVanilla Card, to stay updated with all the account details and even the available balance. Any problems or disputes you encounter concerning procurement should be discussed directly.

Under the official Mastercard Rules, your liability for any unauthorized Mastercard debit transactions from the OneVanilla card account is $ 0.00 if you inform the officials immediately and take care to protect the card from loss, theft, or even damage.

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