Assistive Services

Are you thinking about the services provided by OneVanilla at its official login platform at along with the offline ones included? Here are briefings of it below:-

  • Get Started With OneVanilla
  • Find One Vanilla Gift Card in a store nearby
  • You can buy a OneVanilla card to get all the benefits.

Log in at now to create an online account and activate it to get your MyVanilla starter card. You can utilize your starter card at several places until the last balance remains.

Free Direct Deposit

  • Automatically upload the payroll, get government benefits, or tax return to the OneVanilla card.
  • There are no discounted check charges or long payment lines as there is online service availability.
  • Save time and get the money faster.
  • Directly depositing the payment or government bonuses into your prepaid card account gives you faster access to the funds at your preferable time.
  • Register now at to download your direct deposit form.

Direct Load of Vanilla

The official VanillaDirect Load is a fast way to add money to the card. With thousands of places nationwide, it’s easy to spot a VanillaDirect Load dealer nearby your location in the USA.

Walmart Fast Charge

Loading the OneVanilla card is easier with Walmart. As it is a participating store, you can load money straight away onto My Vanilla Card at checkout. Visit participating Walmart places to swipe, load, and save more on your acquisitions.

MyVanilla Mobile Application

  • Free mobile app to manage your money on the go.
  • Check your updated card balance, view transactions, and look for simple revives.
  • Quick and convenient account access at your preferable time and preferred device.

Mobile Wallet Services

  • Add your One Vanilla card to the mobile wallet app and get easy access from your phone.
  • Even pay for all acquisitions within no time.
  • Shop safely online, and in person.